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On Seattle Sports..

Sometimes.. I just don’t even know.. 

I know pain… I’m a Mariners fan - 2011 Mariners commercial

Come on Mariners.. 17 strikeouts today.. 17.. 11 of them were by AJ Burnett.. Really, AJ Burnett??That’s like losing a foot race to a one legged fat dude with asthma…. Unacceptable. Every player in the lineup struck out at least once, Kennedy and Wells both earning themselves a hat trick. The M’s have been rung up 129 times so far this month.. 129 K’s in 13 games, or just shy of 10 K’s a game. 

That’s bad..

 1,000 yards and 10 touchdowns for Marshawn Lynch . My thinking: What are they gonna do, let Tarvaris throw it? - Matthew Berry

It’s only been one week, and I’m already tired of the Hawks bullshit. You clowns gave me hope… For about 15 seconds.. Then you take my hope away from me, shit on it, then let Ted Ginn Jr. dry anally rape it twice. I mean it didn’t help that Tarvaris Jackson was only good for making bad reads and getting sacked.. But still. Put the Seagals out there, I’m sure some of them can provide better pocket protection than we had last week.

How about next week we put some college freshman girls in the secondary.. That should distract Big Ben long enough to bang out a win..

Marion Jones wants to play in the WNBA.. Se must be tired of all the media coverage…

 Not even going to lie.. I don’t even know if the Storm’s season is still going, I don’t know when it starts or when it ends.. You’ll find more fans at a Nickelback concert.. Or a Marlins game, than you will at a Storm game.

What’s funny is that Storm are the first pro team to win a championship for Seattle since 1979, yet they are still irrelevant.. Just like every other women’s sport..

"I know nothing about the Sounders.." - Me

 I think they are kind of okay?

"Might the Apple cup mean something this year?.. The last time Washington and Washington state were both 2-0? 2001" - Ted Miller

The Cougs and Dawgs are climbing the stairs out the the Pac-12 basement. What used to be a battle for the title of “The least shittiest team in the state” now could have some meaning.. Both 2-0… Huskies beating Eastern and Hawaii, and the Cougs essentially beating a couple middle school teams. regardless of opponents, College sports in Seattle, and that one place on the east side are gaining buzz..

But knowing it’s Seattle.. The Dawgs will beat Nebraska, be ranked in the top 15.. lose 6 of the next 8 games to a goal line stop.. and  end the season on a shitty Apple cup with the final score being 3-2…

(knocking on every singe piece of wood I can possibly find…)

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